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Winter Care of Houseplants

Winter Care of Houseplants

The winter season can be hard on our houseplants.

The winter season can be hard on our houseplants. The days are short and usually overcast so sunlight is virtually non-existent. This reduced light level combined with dry air indoors stresses houseplants. Short days trigger dormancy so don’t worry if your plants aren’t growing. They aren’t suppose to grow during dormant periods as it is a natural resting time. Watering should be adjusted accordingly. The only watering they need is enough to keep them from dying. Watering will be roughly half the frequency of the hot, sunny summer months. The amount of water you give each time will be the same as in summer, just the frequency will change. Repotting during winter is also not a good idea. Ditto for fertilizing. Leave all of these tasks until March when our days begin lengthening. These longer days will trigger a new growth period and that is when your plants will benefit most from the extra attention. In the meantime, mist foliage with water to offset the dry air in our homes and just let them enjoy their winter rest!

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