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Impressive Indoor Garden Ideas

  • Posted on
  • By Anna Sharples
Impressive Indoor Garden Ideas

Everyone loves spending time in the garden. With a gentle breeze fluttering the leaves and bumblebees flying past, it’s the perfect place to enjoy a drink and while away the hours. Not to mention, you can really cut back on your food shop as you grow your own food.

But what if you live in a flat, or you simply don’t have the outdoor space needed to plant flowers, bushes, and vegetables? All is not lost – you can still enjoy the best of the great outdoors while you are indoors.

Indoor gardens are varied and diverse – you can grow nearly anything in your home. Why not start your own tasty herb garden, get started with a living wall, cultivate a lemon tree, or nurture a family of succulents? The sky (or the ceiling) is the limit.

As you bring your garden indoors, you can also bring some of the accessories and furniture with it. After all, there’s no reason why a stylish wooden bench needs to be relegated to the garden. You can absolutely bring your favourite garden elements indoors. We love the look of a wooden bench in the sunroom, or even as a practical bench in the foyer.

The Best Indoor Garden Ideas

Imagine the tranquillity and sophistication of a home garden. It doesn’t have to be an ‘over the top’ effort – little pops of greenery here and there can really transform your space.

Grow a Citrus Tree

lemon tree

Yes, you read that correctly – you can grow a citrus tree in the comfort of your own home! While citrus trees prefer to be outdoors in warm climates, you can mimic their ideal conditions indoors. Lemon trees, lime trees, and even kumquat trees – they look wonderful in a large decorative pot. Bring the tropics home!

Just remember that citrus trees need adequate drainage, and overwatering will kill them. However, they also hate getting too dry. A soil moisture meter can help to keep your potted citrus tree happy and healthy.

Embrace Terrariums


Do you want a foolproof indoor garden that truly needs no tending? Why not embrace a terrarium garden? Terrariums really do take care of themselves – these contained ecosystems exist within sealed glass containers. 

Inside, you can grow everything from orchids and bonsai trees to fresh herbs and cacti. As light and heat pass into the glass, it creates enough water to sustain the plant – genius! You can buy ready-filled terrariums from speciality shops or create your own with jars and containers.

Start a Family of Succulents


Succulents are certainly having a moment right now. You’ll see them featured in the hottest magazines and splashed all over social media. We love the look of a ‘family’ of succulents of all different shapes, colours, and sizes. They look fantastic on a shelf, grouped together on the floor, or decorating a side table. Just don’t overcrowd them!

Not only are succulents aesthetically pleasing, but they’re also relatively easy to grow. Just remember that they thrive in the desert – you need to ensure they get plenty of sunlight, don’t overwater them, and use a desert-dweller soil mix.

Indoor Water Garden Ideas

Nothing is more relaxing than the soothing sound of trickling water. Bring that calm into your home with an indoor water garden. Simply put, a water garden is any container or architectural element that houses and displays aquatic plants. They look great in bathrooms, conservatories, lounge rooms, and foyers.


Soothe your Mind with a Water Terrarium

water terrarium

A water terrarium is another term for ‘aquatic plants (and maybe a few fish) in a glass container.’ You can repurpose all kinds of transparent vessels for your water terrarium – watching the plants float and the fish swim will calm your mind. Start with a base of aquarium gravel, decorative beads, or moss. Next, add anubias water plants, as they slowly grow when submerged in water. If you’re using a small container, consider a dwarf anubias variety.

Install a Water Fountain

A water fountain surrounded by greenery isn’t just lovely to look at, it will also soothe and calm your nerves. Imagine sitting by your own water feature, meditating or doing yoga next to the gently babbling stream.


Add a Fish (or Three)


In addition to your floating greenery and flowers, you can also add fish into your indoor water garden. Start by adding aquarium stones to your vessel – they’ll act as a filtration and waste system for your fishy friends. The plants will also help keep the water clean, ensuring your fish are happy.


Indoor Wall Garden Ideas

If you don’t have a lot of extra floor space, you can still benefit from an indoor garden in your home with these wall-mounted ideas.


Install a Wall-mounted Herb Garden


You’ll always have fresh, delicious herbs on hand when you mount your herb garden to your kitchen wall. Not only will your cooking taste better, but the greenery and fragrance will also lift your mood. One of our favourite kitchen herb garden ideas in hanging some lightweight containers from a rail – it’s fun, practical, and looks great.


Use a Modular Planting System to Create a Living Wall

Modular container systems snap together to create stunning and unique vertical gardens throughout your home. They look great and add a touch of nature to any room. Best of all, they don’t require any experience to assemble, and are easy to maintain. You can use them to grow veggies in your kitchen, flowers in the bathroom, or succulents in the lounge.


Repurpose a Wooden Pallet

wooden pallet

As living walls have grown in popularity, plenty of hacks have shown up online and on social media. Having a landscaper install a living wall can be extremely expensive. Even modular container systems can add up and become quite costly, so why not save a few coins? By repurposing a wooden pallet, you’ll be saving some materials from the dump and getting the wall garden of your dreams. 

Indoor Kitchen Garden Ideas

Herbs, veggies, tomatoes – you’re only limited by your imagination (and your appetite). What will you grow in your kitchen garden?

Garden a la ‘cart’

Who says a kitchen garden has to be a dull, utilitarian affair? Wheel a pretty bar cart into the kitchen and stack it with little pots of green. Not only can you grow delicious herbs, but the greenery is a feast for the eyes.

Grow a Provisions Garden

Choose some of your favourite veggies and herbs and prioritise them in your kitchen garden. Herbs are reasonably simple to grow, but did you know that you can also grow tomatoes, chives, lettuce, and even kale in your kitchen allotment? How about some crunchy radishes, peppery rocket, delicious green peas, runner beans, or punchy onions and garlic?

Regrow your Vegetables and Herbs from Scraps

Add some greenery into your kitchen and cut down on waste? It’s easy! See, when you throw away your veggie peels and fruit cores, you’re actually throwing money in the bin. You can regrow a lot of your favourite fruit and veg without a lot of effort. Sprouts, spring onions, and lettuce – you’ll cut down on waste and save a few quid.

Bring the Best of the Garden Indoors, All Year Round

Growing an indoor garden is a lot of fun, and it can transform your living space into a lush green haven all year round. Best of all, if you start growing some of your own food, you’ll eat better and save some money. Happy Gardening!

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